Artist: John Anderson | Song: Red Georgia Clay

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John Anderson, Red Georgia Clay Tabs

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Artist/Band: Anderson John Tabs
Song: Red Georgia Clay Tab

Red Georgia Clay 
By John Anderson

One rainy night in Dalton they were talkin' in the bar 
D                                      A
About two bodies they'd been searching for
  D                                                       Bm
Behind old Samson's sawmill, the blood hounds found their grave
          D              A           D
They were layin' in that red Georgia clay 
So I just sat and listened and drank my whiskey down
  D                             A
I knew I'd never make it out of town
       D                                                     Bm
When a big hand grabbed my shoulder, I started shakin' in my boots
      D                 A                D 
And I knew the time had come to tell the truth 
I said I followed them one evening when the sun was sinkin' low 
  D                                        A
I knew that loggin' shack was where they'd go
           D                                                   Bm
But when I watched 'em love together, it was more than I could take
               D              A           D
So I left them layin' in that red Georgia clay

         D       G         D        G               D
I may be hungry, cold and lonely in this ole prison cell
And when I die I guess I'll go to hell
       D                                                Bm
But at least I know she won't be runnin' 'round on me today
              D             A           D
Cause they're layin' in the Red Georgia clay

Arm and arm together, they both wanted it that way
So I left them layin' in that Red Georgia clay

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