Artist: John Anderson | Song: Just For You

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John Anderson, Just For You Tabs

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Artist/Band: Anderson John Tabs
Song: Just For You Tab

Just For You
By John Anderson

I would climb to the top of a mountain
   G                D              Bm  A                      D
Or swim the deepest river just for you, yeah, that's what I'd do
        D                          G                D   
I would get my things together and walk thru stormy weather
         Bm  A                     D
Just for you, yeah that's what I'd do

          G                D
Cause the love you give to me
   A             D
Is all I'll ever need
      G                 D                  A
Honey no one else could do the things you do
      G                 D
Every night you make my day
    Bm                G
And honey, I hope and pray
         D   A         D 
Just for you, just for you

And in your saddest hours
I'd bring a smiling flowers just for you, yeah, that's what I'd do
And on your coldest, darkest night, I'd be the guiding light
Just for you, yeah that's what I'd do



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