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John Anderson, His And Hers Tabs

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Artist/Band: Anderson John Tabs
Song: His And Hers Tab

His And Hers
By John Anderson

       C                  G
In the carport, two cars, his and hers
       G                               C      G
On the towel rack, two towels, his and hers
       C            C7         F             Dm 
In the bedroom, the bed with 2 pillows still wet
         G                            C
From the teardrops they shed, his and hers

    D                      A 
The kids ride their bikes, his and hers
          A                            D      A
Say their prayers every night, his and hers
         D              D7             G             Em 
And its plain from the start when the day comes too hard
        A                              D
It will break 2 little hearts, his and hers

       E                     B
In the courtroom, two sides, his and hers
       B                          E      B
Its a question of pride, his and hers
       E       E7         A          F#m 
What a pity we say to see marriage today
      B                      C#m
Going separate ways, his and hers
        A          B           A      E 
Why did it have to be mine and yours

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