Artist: John Anderson | Song: Goin' Down Hill

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John Anderson, Goin' Down Hill Tabs

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Artist/Band: Anderson John Tabs
Song: Goin' Down Hill Tab

Goiní Down Hill
By John Anderson

Intro: C F-C   B E-B   Bb D#-Bb   A D-A   F  G  C  G

It all started at a corner table
F                     F7
Sippiní on a Jack and Coke
When the sun found us the next morniní
D                  G        
We were actin like married folk
C               C7              F                F7 
The weekend, it weakened me and drained me of my will
You got me:

C         B     Bb                   A
Goin down hill, you got me goin down hill
    F             G              F
And still I canít get my fill of you

Iíve spent all my money
Iíve lost my respect
You got me walkiní in circles, honey
And Iím a nervous wreck
I stay just one step ahead of a welfare dollar bill
You got me


F                    F7     C         C7
And I was voted most likely back in Ď79
F                  F7                 C                C7  
I was headed right to the top, honey, all I needed was time
F                F7              C              A7  
But you put some loviní on me, I swear was so unreal

You got me


I canít eat, I canít sleep, I think about you
From daylight to dawn
I bet I wonít weigh 15 pounds when they drag my body home
Just like a junkie hooked on dope, Iím hooked on your thrill


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