Artist: John Anderson | Song: Eye Of A Hurricane

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John Anderson, Eye Of A Hurricane Tabs

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Artist/Band: Anderson John Tabs
Song: Eye Of A Hurricane Tab

Eye Of A Hurricane
By John Anderson

You're the eye of a hurricane, the calm within a storm
         Am                      F
When the day is done, you're the midnight sun
  D                      F
I can run to, to keep me warm
You're the eye of a hurricane, a beacon in the night
         Am                     F
When the whistle blows till the rooster crows
  D                       F       C
I know you're gonna do me right

Stuck out on the bay bridge creepin' through the fog
It's a dog eat dog day
Workin' on the south end, patchin' up holes
That the winter's gonna wash away
             Am                         F
And when the boss man hollers "Quittin' time!"
        Am              F
I'll be on my way, come rain or shine
         D                                  E     G
To those Tampa lights calling me across the bay 


Talkin' to the bank man, tryin' to get a loan
Got to keep away the wolf pack
Stoppin' by the junkyard, lookin' for a part
To rejeuvenate the Pontiac
And that dark cloud keeps on hangin' 'round
Lord, the tide comes up, when the chips are down
But I got your love to help me get the blue skies back


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