Artist: John Anderson | Song: Chicken Truck

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John Anderson, Chicken Truck Tabs

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Artist/Band: Anderson John Tabs
Song: Chicken Truck Tab

	Song: Chicken Truck							
								Artist: John 
						Album: John Anderson/ 
Greatest Hit's									
		Writer: John Anderson/ Ervan Parker/ Monroe Fields, 1984 
Warner Records									
			Intro:   G C D G					
		Verse 1								
	(G) Well it was mornin when i left Ala(C)bama,				
					(D) must have been around in Mid (G) 
(G) Got behind a chicken truck from (C) Georgia,				
					(D) and the feathers were a flyin 
like snow out of the (G) sky.						(G) 
Couldn't get up the speed enough to (C) pass him,				
			(D) and a funny smell was a gettin close to (G) me.	
						(G) Chicken truck, chicken 
truck behind it IM stuck,							
	(C) Chicken truck, chicken truck it's just my luck			
						(D) Chicken truck on Highway 
sixty five.									
		(G) Well the hen's are a sqaukin and the roosters are a 
crowin						(C) Slowin me down when I 
need to get goin								
		(G) Chicken truck, on highway sixty five.			
								Verse 2		
							(G) He slowed down 
and I tried to drive around (C) him,						
	(D) on a big long hill just south of Tenne(G) see			
						(G)He had a box of Colonel 
Sanders on his (C) dashboard,						(D) 
and he was eatin fried chicken and throwin his bones on (G) me.			
	Chorus: Two times and out.						
								John Anderson 
and Don Williams Rule!!!!!   Im out.						
		From: Dave Armstrong.

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