Artist: Bill Anderson | Song: Wild Weekend

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Bill Anderson, Wild Weekend Tabs

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Artist/Band: Anderson Bill Tabs
Song: Wild Weekend Tab

Wild Weekend
Bill Anderson

Got the alarm clock set for seven 
Got the taxi called for nine
  G                  C
Plane takes off at eleven
        G        C       G
and I gotta be there on time.

Told the boss I was going to my mother's
Told mama I was gonna see a friend
 G                    C
Don't want no one to know I'm slippin'
        G         C       G 
Out of town on a wild weekend.

G             C     G
Gonna have a wild weekend
              C     G
Gonna have a wild weekend

With the pretty little blond haired blue eyed darling
              D7      G
Gonna have a wild weekend.


Well, we might go up to the mountains
We might go down to the sea
G                           C
Somewhere off from the big wide world
G        C       G
Just my baby and me.

Baby's gonna cook me breakfast
Baby's gonna tuck me in
G                     C
Baby's gonna warm my cold, cold lips
 G                C       G
With kisses on a wild weekend.

Repeat Chorus:
I guess we'll talk about the future
Make a lotta plans and stuff
G                          C               G
Mostly though we're just gonna sit by the fire
             C    G
And make a lotta love.

Every man oughta try it
Least one time in his life
G                   C       G
Just get away on a wild weekend
               C           G
Like I'm gonna do with my wife.

G             C       G
Gonna have a wild weekend
              C       G
Gonna have a wild weekend

With the pretty little mother of my two children
               D7     G 
Gonna have a wild weekend... 


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