Artist: Dave Alvin | Song: From A Kitchen Table

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Dave Alvin, From A Kitchen Table Tabs

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Artist/Band: Alvin Dave Tabs
Song: From A Kitchen Table Tab

Dave Alvin - Eb

D   G   Em   A   D

                     G          Em  A
  I hope this letter finds you
  Wherever you may be
  ‘Cause I mailed some a while back
Em              A               D
  And they were all returned to me
Em                                             A  

  There ain't nothing, I can tell you about the hometown, 
Em                              A
  Everything changes but nothing's new
 D                                   G
  Just Sunday night at the kitchen table
Em            A                  D
  Finishing a beer and thinking of you

                  G                       A
(2nd - But; 3rd - And) I still work the same job
G                          A
  Still live with my mom for free
F#m                    G
  Ever since the old man passed on
Em            A          D     G  Em  A  D
  It just got harder to leave

  Well, I heard a rumor, that you got married
  Though you swore that you never would
  I guess you finally got your own kids now
  Do you ever tell ‘em about the old neighborhood
  Like the time we stole your dad's car
  Drove all night down Imperial Highway
F#m                                G
  You kept saying, maybe we should turn around
Em                          A            D
  And I said, it don't take much to get away

Repeat Chorus / Break ( Em  A  Em  A  F#m  G  Em  A  D )

D                                   G
  I guess that's all that I, got to tell you
Em                    A                       D
  Guess things turned out like they're meant to be
D                               G
  I just hope that this letter finds you
Em            A                        D
  But until then, I'll just keep it with me

Repeat Chorus

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