Artist: Dave Alvin | Song: Evening Blues

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Dave Alvin, Evening Blues Tabs

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Artist/Band: Alvin Dave Tabs
Song: Evening Blues Tab

Dave Alvin - C#

C                         F       C   
Standin barefoot in your kitchen door
Listenin to the soft evening rain
C                  F           C 
Watchin you dry off from your shower
                G                 C
Look at me like you dont know my name

Then you heat the coffee on the stove

Pull the cup down from the shelf

And slowly turn your back on me

As I sing a blue song, to myself

Yeah, I wish that I could hold you baby
But you seem, so far away
Yeah, I wish that I could kiss you baby
But Ive run out of sweet words to say
And I wish that I, could hear
Yeah, I wish that I could hear
          C         F            C    F    C
1st - The blues you sing, to yourself
         C          F           C    F     C         F                 C
2nd - The blues you sing, to yourself, the blues you sing, to yourself
          C         F        C  F       C
The blues you sing, the blues, the blues that you 
F           C
sing to yourself

Now, all the makeup is washed off your face
And your hair is slicked back wet
You hung the dress up you wore last night
And changed the sheets on your bed
All the promises you whispered to me
I guess theyre meant for someone else
Cause all I hear is the soft evening rain
And the blues that I sing, to myself

Repeat Chorus / Break

Now would you care if I walked out this door
Baby, I cant really tell
Our eyes meet, but we just, look away
And sing our blues, to ourselves

Repeat Chorus                            F

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