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Dave Alvin, Border Radio2 Tabs

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Artist/Band: Alvin Dave Tabs
Song: Border Radio2 Tab


G                      C 
One more midnight, her man is still gone 

    G      C        G 
The nights move too slow 

    G                     C 
She tries to remember the heat of his touch 

C      G               D         G 
While listening to the Border Radio 

She calls toll-free and requests an old song 

Something they used to know 

She prays to herself that wherever he is, 

He's listening to the Border Radio 


"This song comes from nineteen sixty-two 

Dedicated to a man who's gone 

Fifty thousand watts out of Mexico 

G           D         G 
This is the Border Radio 

G            D         G 
This is the Border Radio" 

She thinks of her son, asleep in his room 

And how her man won't see him grow 

She thinks of her life and she hopes for a change 

While listening to the Border Radio 

(repeat chorus) 

They play her tune but she can't concentrate 

She wonders why he had to go 

One more night and her man is still gone 

She's listening to the Border Radio 


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