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Gary Allan, The Devil's Candy 3 Tabs

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Artist/Band: Allan Gary Tabs
Song: The Devil's Candy 3 Tab

Devil's Candy
By Gary Allan

(G) Smoky old bars,Bright neon lights (F) Good old boys and girls of the night
(G)  A nice cold beer and a (C) good shot of brandy.
(G) Iv"e always ahd a sweettooth (F) for the devils  (C)

Well  Ive  (C) fought it all my life,and the (Am) battles now a war
(G) but ill get up tommorrow and ill(Em) fight it all once more
(C) I try to do whats right (Am)but ill never understand me
(G) ive always had a  sweettooth  (F) for the devils (C) candy

Ive played the cards and ive rolled the dice,Well i gave up heaven for a
fools paradise.
Once lost an angel when a bad girl was handy
Ive always had a sweettooth for the devils candy


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