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Gary Allan, Kiss Me When I'm Down Tabs

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Artist/Band: Allan Gary Tabs
Song: Kiss Me When I'm Down Tab

Kiss Me When I'm Down
By Gary Allan

Capo 1

C  G  F  twice

Itís been a year since last weekend 
When you swung by with an old friend
Dm                            F
Carried out our future box by box
A stack of mail, a tube of toothpaste
An empty Zeppelin three CD case
Dm                                  F 
Still a few things here that you forgot

Pre Chorus:
        Am     G     F 
Theyíre just a bad excuse
     Am        G     F
Just something I can use to call you

C        G    Am       F
Come on over, drink my wine
C        G        Am       F
Waste my candles, waste my time
C       G      Am      F
Tell me lies I wonít believe
C          G       Am       F
Just donít wake me when you leave
Am      G     F       F/E    Dm
Come on over, kick me to the ground
And kiss me when Iím down

The bar youíre in sounds like itís crowded
People laughiní, people shouting
Where you gonna go at closing time
Just pay your tab
And Iíll pay your cab
If you want to



Am      G       F
Just an hour or two
   Am          G       F
Is better than none of you, I miss you


Kiss me when Iím down

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