Artist: Gary Allan | Song: All I Had Going Is Gone

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Gary Allan, All I Had Going Is Gone Tabs

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Country Tabs > Allan Gary Tabs > All I Had Going Is Gone

Artist/Band: Allan Gary Tabs
Song: All I Had Going Is Gone Tab

All I had going is gone                    Gary Allen
Album: Used heart for sale
Written by:(Ronnie Rodgers, Mark Wright)

Sent by: William R Salle'
Note; I've only been pickin for a year and was inspired by Gary and his
music. Hopefully all you Gary Allen fans will appreciate my submission. It
sounds great to me.

Verse 1
       D                        G
The day we met      I'll never forget
             D                         G
Was the luckiest day of my life
                        A            D              G
She took me so far     and I broke her heart

Now I'm sitting here     with the simple truth
That tears me apart

D           A         G
All I had goin' is gone
      D                A           G          A
The best I'll ever do      is over and gone
D                A                  G
It serves me right       cuz' I did her wrong
                    A        D
Now all I had goin' is gone

Verse 2
D                                       G
Sometimes a man        just don't understand
     D                                         G
He possesses everything life can bring
                         A                    D             G
He thinks there's more      so he has to explore

Leavin' her alone       time after time
Till she she walks out that door


       D                A                  G
Now it serves me right       she left me alone
                    A        D
Now all I had goin' is gone

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