Artist: Jason Aldean | Song: This I Gotta See

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Jason Aldean, This I Gotta See Tabs

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Country Tabs > Aldean Jason Tabs > This I Gotta See

Artist/Band: Aldean Jason Tabs
Song: This I Gotta See Tab


[C]               [Bb]             [F]                       
[C]I can't count the barns I've past,
Painted [Bb]red, white and black,
See rock [C]city,     [Bb]    [F]
And up ahead [C] there's a turn,
Take me right through [Bb]Gatlinburg,
I hear it's [C] pretty,     [Bb]      [F]

[C] Maybe some other time,
I [Bb] can't slow down,  [F]
[C] Right across that state line,
[F] Right about [Bb] now,

Her [C] hairs still wet from her bath,
She’s [C/B] sitting on her front porch with a glass,
[Bb] Of iced tea, In my sweat shirt, And her bare feet,
[Bb]This I gotta see,
[C] If I hurry I can catch,
[C/B] The colors on her skin from that sunset,
And [Bb] her face,
And that love waiting [F] on me,
This I gotta see, [C]    [Bb]    [F]
This I gotta see, [C]    [Bb]    [F]

I can’t wait to [C] get to her,
Man I [Bb] wish I were, [F]
There already, [C]  [Bb]  [F]
She’s the only [C] thing that keeps,
This world from [Bb] driving me, 
[C] Crazy,   [F]    [Bb]

I just [C] hit that city limit,
Yeah and that’s a [Bb] pretty good [F] sign,
[C] If I pick It Up a bit,
[F] I'll be right on [Bb] time,

[C]      [Bb]

[Thanks to Robert Calmes for tabs]

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