Artist: Jason Aldean | Song: The Best Of Me

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Jason Aldean, The Best Of Me Tabs

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Country Tabs > Aldean Jason Tabs > The Best Of Me

Artist/Band: Aldean Jason Tabs
Song: The Best Of Me Tab

Intro G | G/F# | G | G/F# | G | G/F#| Em7 | C

Verse 1:
I found a box of memories
Read a letter dropped a tear where you signed your name
               Em7               D/F#               C
And turnin the page smearing the ink and the love always
Girl I always start this way
Then I end up in a bottle screaming out your name
                 Em7             D/F#               C
And punching the walls, carrying on like I've gone insane
D/F#                                                C
In the mirror I can see the man that just shook his head with no remorse
D/F#                                          C                            D
Watched an angel crying tears packing all her things as she walked out the door

Cause there ain't nothing like a memory
When itís coming on strong like a hurricane
        C                               D/F#
How can love like that just up and walk away

Itís killing me baby
Itís got me pouring up another drink
Bourbons hittin me hard like a freight train
        C                            Em7
With my back against a wall or on my knees
                       D/F#                    G
When the worst of your memory gets the best of me

Verse 2:
I remember it all too well
Riding 441 down to Milledgeville
             Em7           D/F#                C
Crossing the bridge as the sun set on lake St. Claire
           G                                        G/F#
I couldnít wait to see your smile but all I saw was tears in your pretty eyes
             Em7          D/F#              C
That said it all, it was all down hill from there
D/F#                                  C
And I remember you saying baby please donít give up on me
D/F#                                    C               D
All but baby this stubborn man is gonna lie in the bed he made

Chorus X2

G | G/F# | Em7 | C      Until End.

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