Artist: Alabama | Song: The Closer You Get

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Alabama, The Closer You Get Tabs

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Country Tabs > Alabama Tabs > The Closer You Get

Artist/Band: Alabama Tabs
Song: The Closer You Get Tab

G F C   C  D|Em   Em  D|C   C  D|Em   Bm   Am   C/D

The Closer You Get,(G)
the further I fall.(C)
I'll be (Am)over the edge now (D)
in no time at (G)all. (D)
I'm fallin' (G)faster and faster and faster
with no time to stall.(C)
The Closer You Get,(Am) (C/D)
the further I fall(G)
G   G  F|C

verse 1:
(C)The things that you say to me,(D)|(Em)
the look on your face, (D)
(C)brings out the man in me.(D) (Em)
Do I see a trace(Bm) in your eyes(Am) of love?(C/D)

(repeat chorus)

verse 2:
Could I be dreamin'?
Is this really real?
'Cause there's something magic,
the way that I feel in your arms tonight.

(repeat chorus)
 ---goes into the bridge---
(C/D) the further I fall(C)

(C)keep fall-(D)in', oh, yeah (C)yeah, keep fall-(D)in'.
(C)mmm fall-(D/C)in', oh, yeah (C)yeah, I'm fall-(D/C)in'.
(C)Yes I'm fall-(D/C)in'                (C)                (D/C)
                           (Yes I'm fallin')
              (yes I'm fallin')            
(C)Yes I'm fall-(D/C)in'                (C)                (D/C)
                           (Yes I'm fallin')
              (yes I'm fallin')            
(C)Yes we're fall-(D/C)in'                     (C)         (D)
                                (yes we're fallin')
                (yes we're fallin')

(repeat chorus, and fade)

I think electric guitar intro and chorus parts go like this:
  G    F  C     D   Em        D C
and hit these bar chords on their respective parts as well:
Bm    Am    D/C---same as D 
----  ----
----  ----
----  ----
-9--  --7-
-9--  --7-
-7--  --5-                
You can also hear another guitar doing an arpeggio with the minor chords when 
they start with Em, Bm toward the verse/intro end. 

Please, support Alabama.
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