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Alabama, Red River Tabs

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Artist/Band: Alabama Tabs
Song: Red River Tab

Alabama - Red River (Chords)

Words and Music by: Keith Darran McGuire and George Pearce



{Verse 1}

Gm                           Dm
I remember campin' all night down by the river's edge,
C                                              Bb    Gm
skinny dippin' in the bright moonlight, divin' off a ledge,
                                 Dm                            C
skippin' rocks across the water, fishin' on an old trout line,
                                               Bb    Am    Gm
gigging frogs 'till the early mornin', smokin' dried cross vine.


C                                                 Gm
Take me back home where the Red River rolls, send    me back to Louisianne.
C                                                     Gm
Take me back home where the white water flows, to the Cajun promised land.
C                                        Gm
Give me my line and my old pi rogue. Get    me back as fast you can.
Eb                          D               Gm
Take me back home where the Red River rolls.
Eb                          F               Gm
Take me back home where the Red River rolls.

{Verse 2}

Gm                           Dm
Floatin' down the river on a patched up inner tube,
C                                                 Bb      Gm
eatin' dinner on the ground, made of fresh caught catfish stew.
                          Dm                      C
Lay awake at night when I hear a wildcat scream,
                                                        Bb Am  Gm
tellin' tales around the campfire light about the girls in our dreams.

(Repeat Chorus x 2 and fade)


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