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Alabama, Feels So Right Tabs

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Artist/Band: Alabama Tabs
Song: Feels So Right Tab

Back in the mid-eighties, I played in a band and we did this 
Alabama song.  I was the one who worked it out off of a tape, 
so the key should be pretty close, but you can never tell with 
a cassette--the player may be sluggish.  We started the song in 
D, a half step down from what's shown below.  Watch for the Key 
change and the little ditty that get's you there.  Hope it works 
for you.


Eb           G#              Eb            G#
Wisper to me softly, breathe words upon my skin.
Eb                G#            Eb                G#
No one's near and listening, so please, don't say goodbye.
     Cm                G#       Cm                 G#
Just hold me close and love me, press your lips to mine.
Fm          A#                Eb  G#              Eb   G#
Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm, feels so right.     Feels so right.

Eb         G#                     Eb            G#
Lying here beside you, I hear the echos of your sighs.
Eb                G#               Eb             G#
Promise me you'll stay with me and keep me warm tonight.
   Cm                G#        Cm               G#
So hold me close and love me, give my heart a smile.
Fm           A#              Eb   G#            Eb   G#
Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm, feels so right.     Feels so right.

Ditty:  G  Am  A#  Am  C

F                  Bb               F               Bd 
Your body feels so gentle, and my passion's rising high.
F                   Bb         F             Bb
You're lovin' me so easy, your wish is my command.
     Dm                Bb       Dm               Bb
Just hold me close and love me, tell me it won't end.
Gm           C               F   Bb              F   Bb
Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm, feels so right.     Feels so right.
Feels so right.

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