Artist: Alabama | Song: Carolina Mountain Dewe

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Alabama, Carolina Mountain Dewe Tabs

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Artist/Band: Alabama Tabs
Song: Carolina Mountain Dewe Tab

Title:  Carolina Mountain Dewe
Artist:  Alabama
Albums:  Roll On, In The Beginning, Country Side Of Life, Born Country-The 
Transcribed by:  Tim Rehagen
E-mail address:

Key:  Bb Major


Bb                                        Eb6                       Bb
Somewhere in the northern Alabama

Bb                      Gm                             Cm              Fsus  F
The Carolina lady waits for her man from Tennessee

Bb                             Eb6                Bb        Gm
Somewhere in a motel......out in Oklahoma

                   Cm                       F
There's the Alabama dreamer

F                                            Bb       Dm   Cm
That same man from Tennessee

Bb                             Eb6                             Bb
Sometime late at night......the lonely wakes her gently

Bb                               Gm                           Cm   Fsus   F
And knocks at her door......but she won't give in

F          Bb                        Eb6                          Bb          
But like every other woman........She needs to feel wanted

         Cm                         F                                 Bb    
Bbsus  Bb   Bb7
She thinks of making love.......and goes to sleep again

Bb7  Eb                       Dm       Bb7
Carolina.........dreamin'  lonely

Bb7  Eb                        Bb
Carolina.........can't you see

Bb          Eb                 Dm
You will always be the lady.....

Dm     Cm                          
That I dream of holding tight.....

Cm     F                             
That I kiss and tell goodnight.....

       Cm   F                Bb        Dm   Cm   Bb       Em   Dm    C.......
Carolina.......mountain dewe

Key: C Major

C                                 F6                            C 
Sometime that next day.....on a Mississippi freeway

C                               Am                  Dm           Gsus  G
The Alabama homeward bound
G    C                               F6                                       
 C           Am
His conscious is as those green eyes of Carolina

Am          Dm                                        G          
And she's waiting with the baby from the love........

G                                           C       C7
......of the only man to lay her down

C7    F                            Em      C7
Carolina..........dreaming lonely

C7    F                           C
Carolina..........can't you see

C           F                    Em
You will always be the lady

Em      Dm                 
That I dream of holding tight

Dm     G      
That I kiss and tell goodnight

       Dm  G                C
Carolina......mountain dewe

       Dm     G          C        Bb   F/A   F   C
Carolina..........I love you

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