Artist: Rhett Akins | Song: In Your Love

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Rhett Akins, In Your Love Tabs

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Artist/Band: Akins Rhett Tabs
Song: In Your Love Tab

Artist: Rhett Atkins

Capo on the 1st fret:
Intro chords are: Em - C


Em7                                 C
All of my life I thought I new the answers,
Em7                                     C
Until you came along I never questioned why,
Em7                                         C
You showed me what it means to love someone forever,
Youíre the dream in my heart,
Em                 G
Thatís always been there,
F                    Esus - E
Youíre the window to my soul,


G       D        Em            C
I live, I die, Iím born, Iím sanctified,
G       D        C    D
In your love, in your love,
G         D             Em             C
Iím home, Iím free, Ií found everything I need,
G       D       C     D
In your love, In your love,


I donít know just how or when Iíd be w/out you,
And now that youíve become a part of who I am,
I can feel your touch in everything I do,
Youíre the smile when I cry,
Youíre the road when Iím lost,
Youíre the breath that gives me life,

(Go to chorus then to bridge)

A#                  F
Iíd do anything for you,
Dm              A#     F  -  D#
Just to prove my faith,
In your love

(It steps up a full step to the chorus after the bridge 
so use these chords through to end)

A - E - F#m - D - A - E - D - E   

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